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Bar, restaurant, activities, and more: a tailor-made floating venue


Imagine the Venue of Your Dreams

The sea is no longer a barrier. Imagine your venue on the water – bar, restaurant, performance space, party venue, recreation center – or even your office space. With SUNSET-Ô it’s possible! The SUNSET-Ô lounge is based on an original KAYFLO design which provides a stable, economical space on the water for your professional project.

A Solution Tailored to Your Needs

The SUNSET-Ô is tailor-made to meet your needs: from an intimate 40m² venue, for around forty guests, to a floating restaurant of 200m² and more, with a deck hosting a VIP area, everything is possible! To make your project even more unique, we can offer floats to serve as a storage area; a partial glass floor to make this experience with the sea even more unique, literally letting you see the fish; adapt the design to your preferred ambience, whether Nordic or tropical.

Custom Design

SUNSET-Ô’s design is entirely customizable, whether you prefer an open space with bar and central or offset kitchen, a two-part layout with terrace and indoor space, or a fully indoor configuration. It can also include a few rooms for housing staff or guests in a B&B. Our team of architects and designers is here to help you make your project a reality.
The fly is also customizable, for a reception area and/or to support solar panels and a wind turbine for long energy autonomy.

CE Compliance

The SUNSET-Ô, approved to CE standards, is a category 4 or 5 vessel. It can be propelled in calm weather and in the absence of passengers by an electric, hybrid or thermal engine depending on the choice of operation.
Installation and operation while docked or anchored do not require authorization under French law.

Respect for the Environment

To minimize its impact on the environment while entertaining your guests in nature, the SUNSET-Ô can be fitted with a rainwater collector and water recycling station, avoiding any harmful discharge into the environment.

Treat your guests to a unique experience on the water!


Use Sunset-Ô your way



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