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Floating / dockside hotel

In the current global tourism market, which is in the process of returning to pre-pandemic levels (source World Tourism Organization barometer), we are seeing several strong trends. The top 5 trends identified by Travel Insight at the #REV23 Conference are completely in phase with the floating hotel, or flotel, concept:

  1. “Revenge travel” continues. After feeling so deprived, travelers want to seize every opportunity to go somewhere, often booking at the spur of the moment, later, and impulse buying.
  2. Getting closer to nature. The desire to get back to basics continues after 2 years of lockdowns.
  3. Respect for the environment.
  4. A desire for authenticity and diversity.
  5. The quest for well-being.

All of these trends match perfectly with our Kayflô Village concept, where you can offer your guests the sea as their backyard with the gentle rocking of the waves, all while respecting the environment. To meet the needs of a varied clientele, a combined FLOATING / DOCKED solution is entirely feasible, depending on the possibilities of your installation site.

To best meet your operating requirements, we worked with the company HORWATH LTD to offer experiential accommodations, with attractive profitability including cash flow generation. This is the Kayflô Village concept that we can develop with you, a global opportunity.

Floating hotel

  • INNOVATIVE: A hotel complex featuring STAY-Ô lodges, true floating suites.
  • EXCEPTIONAL LOCATION: In a natural and exclusive coastal area.
  • ECONOMICAL AND ECOLOGICAL: Minimal environmental impact and optimized operating costs.

Docked hotel

  • EASY INSTALLATION: Use the port’s infrastructure and services.
  • ECONOMICAL : much lower price per m² in sought-after cities.
  • UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: Move STAY-Ô lodges to nearby anchorages.


cross o maison bateau


With more than 6.6 million alternative accommodations listed on Airbnb, these kinds of stays grew by 56% in 2022 compared to 2021. The market for seasonal rentals and furnished tourist accommodations is exploding all over the world (source Tourismexpress).

Cross-Ô vessels are ideally suited to this type of operation. They are self-contained, 2 to 4-bedroom, fully-equipped 107 m² accommodations (Cross-Ô 44) that can be operated in a marina or at anchor at a much lower cost per m² than accommodation in ultra-central or high-demand tourist areas, and with lower taxes.
This vessel can also be rented with or without a skipper for pleasure cruising in category B, or on lakes, rivers, etc.

  • EXCEPTIONAL PROPERTY: Invest in an innovative and attractive solution.
  • PROFITABILITY: Operate in high-demand tourist areas.


sunset o maison bateau


As business real estate markets saturate in major cities, initiatives for offices on the water and different kinds of attractive coworking spaces are emerging all over the world (Paris, London, Singapore, New York, and beyond). At the same time, concept bars and restaurants on the water are enjoying great success, but often in barges, on pontoons or in reconfigured spaces that are not always optimal in terms of operation.

The SUNSET-Ô offers a solution unique on the market, making it possible to operate on the shores of a sea/river/lake from the sea/river/lake, with fewer regulatory constraints thanks to its Boat certification, and easier operation. No need for a building permit, excellent visibility, and a custom-built design to suit your needs. So are you ready to board? CONTACT US to discuss your needs and your project. Are you ready to embark? CONTACT US to discuss your needs and your project.

  • DESIGN: Specifically designed as a multifunctional space.
  • CUSTOM BUILD : A surface area of 150 to 500 m² tailored to your needs, for static operation
  • ECONOMICAL AND ECOLOGICAL : A mobile floating solution that is legally a ship, with energy autonomy and zero waste.


bateau maison kay o chambre

Living space

KAYFLO is really the houseboat, the solution for living on the water (KAY means “house” in Creole). You’ve always dreamed of living on the water, but without climbing the planking or having cramped spaces, and sleeping in a real 160 cm bed. The CROSS-Ô is the ideal solution for smooth sailing and a living space of around 100m² (depending on configuration) with your feet in the water.
We’ll work with you to design the various layout options, from 2 to 4 bedrooms, various shower rooms or bathrooms, Jacuzzi, etc. You can even accommodate friends or a chambre d’hôte!


concept kayflo maison bateau


Our manufacturing processes allow for a high degree of customization of our buildings, and of SUNSET-Ô in particular. Give free rein to your imagination, express your needs, and our designers and engineers will be delighted to give shape to your desires, while explaining the advantages and limitations so that you retain control over costs and the best operating quality.



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