3 boat lengths (36, 44 and 57 feet) • 1 to 6 bedrooms

The comfort of a modern home, the advantages of a boat


A real houseboat

Who hasn’t dreamed of living on the water, as close to nature as possible, while retaining the comforts of their own home? With CROSS-Ô, we’re revolutionizing your experience of life on the water. Enjoy all the comforts of a modern home on a boat with optimized interior space. Stability, space, light: no need to compromise!

Modern and eco-friendly design

Available in three sizes – 36, 44 and 57 feet – the CROSS-Ô sports a resolutely modern design with its large panoramic bay window. Its fly supports photovoltaic panels and a wind turbine for exceptional energy autonomy.

360° view

CROSS-Ô provides space and light! Offering 360-degree views of the surroundings, this compact houseboat model (12.81 m x 6.87 m) offers 107 m² of living space, including a spacious, bright interior and a comfortable deck for enjoying the fresh air.
The bedrooms are more like apartment rooms than boat cabins. Generous size, plenty of storage space, windows and spacious beds guarantee peaceful, comforting nights, just like at home!

An eco-friendly houseboat

The CROSS-Ô is primarily designed as an environmentally-friendly houseboat, it can be fitted with a rainwater recovery system, a water recycling station and a large water tank that simplifies life on board while reducing operating costs.

Pleasure cruising

The CROSS-Ô is also a vessel designed for pleasure sailing offshore (Category B, 4m waves, gusts of 100km/h, Category A for the 57-foot version), with a cruising speed of 6 to 7 knots. It can be propeled by two electric, hybrid or thermal motors depending on your choice, with the possibility of a sail complement.


Optimize your CROSS-Ô

The CROSS-Ô houseboat benefits from the shipyard’s expertise and solid partnerships, optimizing manufacturing and outfitting costs per square meter. With 4 versions to choose from, offering 1 to 4 bedrooms (+2 crew peaks on the 57-footer) and 1 to 4 bathrooms, you have the flexibility to create spaces for your living moments in small or larger committee.

A wide range of interior and exterior finishes are available, so you can customize your Cross-Ô to your desires.

Make life on the water an everyday pleasure!


Use Cross-Ô your way



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