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The shore mini-bar vessel designed for tourism professionals


Bring the shore to live from the sea

The SUNSET-BAR allows you to bring your customers to the most preserved sites for a time of sharing and pleasure with the sea as a universe. The SUNSET-BAR mini-bar is based on an aluminum architecture design to adapt the design and atmosphere to your location and your concept.

A unique catamaran, it is equipped with an on-board bar for exceptional nautical experiences. Its elegant hull is optimized for smooth and stable navigation.

The SUNSET-BAR is ideal for professionals or boaters, it can accommodate from 12 passengers max + 2 crew members.

A Solution Tailored to Your Needs

The SUNSET-BAR range is tailor-made to meet your needs: from the 29m² format for a maximum of twelve customers, to the 80m² floating bar, and with the superior SUNSET-Ô range, everything is possible! To further reinforce the differentiation, we can propose you a partial glass floor to further enhance the unique experience with the sea and literally allow the fish to be seen; adapt the design to your favorite atmosphere, whether it’s a pirate, tropical, Asian zen atmosphere… It can also be delivered bare, so that you can do your own fittings with local craftsmen.

CE Compliance

The SUNSET-BAR, approved to CE standards, is an NUC vessel (vessel for commercial use) or Division 223 depending on dimensions and uses.

It can be propelled in calm weather by an electric or thermal motor.
Navigation and its operation at anchor, on moorings or at the quay are exempt from authorization under French legislation.

Eco-Design and respect for the environment

In an eco-design approach, the aluminum used is composed of 70% recycled aluminum, and 98% recyclable.

This ship has been designed to be easily exportable in containers thanks to its removable structure.

To minimize its impact on the environment while welcoming your guests into the heart of nature, the SUNSET-BAR can host photovoltaic panels on the roof to power the on-board systems (mini-fridge, sound system, etc.).

Treat your guests to a unique experience on the water!




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